Ross Riley's StrongMen story

Posted on Apr 14, 2024 by Ross Riley | Tags: Stories

On Christmas Eve 2019, my 2 year old son, Oscar, passed away from a brain tumour, leaving my wife and I with our other son who was only 7 weeks old. My world was shattered and left a gaping hole in my life which was filled with love and purpose.

Michael Hall’s StrongMen story

Posted on Nov 30, 2022 by Michael Hall | Tags: Stories

Michael felt his future was all planned and mapped out for him, until every parent’s worst nightmare happened, and from that moment his life took a drastic unforeseen detour in a very unexpected and different direction.

Ben Kennedy’s StrongMen story

Posted on Nov 30, 2022 by Ben Kennedy | Tags: Stories

Loss in any circumstance and age is enough. But to wake up as a happy 32 year old husband and father with our second baby on the way, then by the end of that day to have suffered the unexpected loss of my Wife and baby and facing the task of delivering that news to our four year old Son, left me completely devastated and lost.

Snowden Weekender 2022

Posted on Apr 29, 2022 by Efrem Brynin | Tags: weekender

Filmed on location on our fourth Weekender held in Snowdonia National Park during April 2022.

Troy Deeney Interview - Part 3

Posted on Mar 28, 2022 by Efrem Brynin

Part 3 and final part of our exclusive...

Troy Deeney Interview - Part 2

Posted on Mar 09, 2022 by Efrem Brynin

Part 2 of our exclusive interview...

Troy Deeney Interview - Part 1

Posted on Feb 17, 2022 by Efrem Brynin

Part 1 of our exclusive interview with StrongMen ambassadors Jeff...

Black Tie

Posted on Sep 22, 2021 by Efrem Brynin | Tags: fundraisers

Saturday 11th September 2021 was the date we finally hosted our eagerly anticipated first Black Tie onboard iconic HMS Belfast in London.

Rachel McDonald

Posted on Aug 06, 2021 by Efrem Brynin | Tags: Stories

For any couple to lose their first child at an early age is utterly devastating. But for your second to be still born is beyond what most of us could ever comprehend.

Gemma Hamblin

Posted on May 18, 2021 by Gemma Hamblin | Tags: Stories

Coming to terms with the death of a loved one is difficult, but when Dan Richards lost his brother Jack to a terminal illness in 2016 he was utterly devastated.