Meet the Team

Meet the team behind StrongMen.

Key Contacts

    Efrem Brynin

    Born and raised in Sussex, I have a keen interest in most sports, particularly Football, Cricket and Motor Sport.

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    Tiffany Taylor

    My story started in 2012 when my sister-in-law sadly passed away after living with cancer for many years.

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    Lou Pearce

    I now live in Cornwall after 2 decades residing in and around London and working in IT Sales out of Southwark.

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    Peter Hayward

    I was honoured when I was asked to be a member of the "StrongMen" team.

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    Andy Jones

    I am a graphic designer and digital marketing specialist who looks after all things 'design' for StrongMen.

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    Ellie Clarke

    I am currently in my final year, studying a degree in Business Management with Marketing at the University of Surrey.

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    Sharon Brynin

    Back in early 2013 I felt truly content, from being a teenage parent I was now parent to two wonderful young adults, both making great progress in life.

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    Martin Pugh

    It was a most rewarding experience to see a "StrongMen" brotherhood form in front of my eyes.

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    Steve Crowther

    Steve Crowther ACA– NED Classic Prop Hire and Treasurer Trustee at StrongMen.

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    Mark McDonald

    My life changed forever when I lost two of my children it also changed me completely.

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    Marco Franchi

    Father of two handsome twins and husband to my gorgeous wife

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    Jeff Brazier

    Jeff Brazier started as professional footballer for Leyton Orient spending time playing in Sweden, Finland and Iceland before heading into the world of TV.

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    Paul Sampson

    Paul Sampson, announced his raw talent beating Dwain Chambers time in the England Schoolboy 100 metre final then becoming best known as one of the fastest players in world rugby.

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Charity Champions

    Ronan Keating

    ‘The most important part is to be able to talk to each other. Losing my mother at 21 years of age, losing my best friend at 33, Stephen Gately, it’s times like that you evaluate and ask yourself ‘am I living the right way, am I getting the most from me and am I the best version of myself?’ I am a passionate ambassador for what StrongMen does, it’s amazing’.

    Kirsty Gallacher

    ‘We’re all talking about mental health, especially in men. It’s great to be associated with StrongMen and the great work that they do supporting men after bereavement. Anything I can do to help them raise awareness to the cause is an absolute honour’

    Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham

    ‘It’s so important for men to have a safe place to go when they need to talk. I know from my own experience of loss how important that is. StrongMen creates that place and it’s unique, which is why it’s so important we support them’.

    Lawrence Dallaglio

    ‘When you’ve had a trauma like I had with the loss of my sister, nothing in life that comes after that is ever going to come close to the pain and suffering that you’ve seen or experienced. You don’t expect to bury one of your siblings before your parents, and it blew our World apart. It’s nice to talk and hear about StrongMen, which is incredible. If you can connect a group of people around a common theme, there’s no stopping you’.