Martin Pugh

It was a most rewarding experience to see a "StrongMen" brotherhood form in front of my eyes.

Since its inception, I had taken real interest in the endeavours of Dan and Efrem in setting up "StrongMen". Having myself been a enthusiastic runner and hiker for many years, I've always recognised the physical and mental benefits that spending time being outdoors and active can bring. So the idea of using this to help men who have experienced a bereavement made absolute sense to me and I was eager to see where Dan and Efrem could take it.

However it was not until I joined one of the Weekender Retreats as part of the support team and got to see the real benefits of "StrongMen" unfold organically in front of me - experiences being shared, friendships being formed, challenges being overcome - that I knew Dan and Efrem had created something unique, that truly delivers for the men who need it.

I continue to proudly support the ongoing success of "StrongMen", acting as a critical friend on the Board of Trustees; and by using participation at endurance events to raise funds and awareness of the fantastic work the team do.

Martin Pugh

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