Tiffany Taylor

Service Administrator

My story started in 2012 when my sister-in-law sadly passed away after living with cancer for many years.

Although we knew the time was coming, when it did finally arrive none of us were prepared, we all took very different paths through the grief process. At the time it seemed very confusing and I often found it hard to process my own feelings while my husband seemed to be carrying on life pretty much as he had before, on the surface.

Only a year after my nephew was killed suddenly, and in difficult circumstances, it felt intense and insurmountable.  It is hard to put down into words how things felt at this time, and the feelings of his loss still stay very much as a part of my life and in some ways I wouldn’t have it any other way.  These intense feelings make me feel that I am keeping him with me and his memory alive.

Although I am not an expert in bereavement I do feel that my own experiences have given me empathy and understanding. I hope I can use this to help as many men as possible in my role as Service Administrator, it feels like a perfect fit.


Tiffany Taylor
Service Administrator

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