Adam Lee's StrongMen story - in his own words

Adam Lee's StrongMen story - in his own words

Adam Lee's life changed forever when his 15 year old daughter, Megan, died on New Year's Day 2017. She suffered a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to something she'd eaten and Jost her precious life

Struggling to come to terms with what had happened, Adam spiralled - never believing he could enjoy life again and unable to find any support. After all the man, the father, the mate down the pub - he was always seen as OK. Able to cope. The strong one.

Realising, however, that he wasn't OK Adam searched for help and came across the Strong Men website and reached out. This resulted in him attending one of the weekend retreats to camp Snowden.

It was an event he says was so pivotal in his life that it kickstarted a new way forward.

"I could talk for hours about the benefits of that weekend," said Adam, "as it was the moment for me that began a healing process.

"It changed my outlook on life at a time when I felt I could never move forward and, as well as the weekend itself,  the aftercare and follow ups from Strong Men have been vital to get me to where I am today.

"I feel now that I have a safety net beneath me that grows day by day, and if I'm struggling and have a hurdle I don't feel I can get over I can contact the Strong Men team and the guys there will listen to me - offering much needed support. They relate to what I'm going through."

Set up in 2019, the Strongmen charity was founded by Dan Cross and Efrem Brynin. Realising there was little support for men who were struggling they formed the charity to help men tackle the mental, emotional and physical health conditions brought about by bereavement.

"They have enabled me to overcome so many hurdles," continued Adam, "and I never imagined I would be where I am today without their support.

"I now consider them to be part of my life forever and wherever I am in the world I know I can reach out and get some help. To other men like me who are struggling, my advice is to reach out if you need help as the Strong Men charity has changed my life."

Adam's wife Gemma added, "I remember Adam being quite nervous about the first trip with Strong Men but I can safely say it was his best decision and we have all benefited from the support either directly or indirectly. The support Adam receives from Strong Men is echoed through everything he does and passed on during our daily lives making each day that one bit easier."

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