Centurion Club

Would your company like to Support StrongMen through our exclusive Centurion Club scheme?

Help us to rebuild the lives of bereaved men and their families throughout the UK. StrongMen is dedicated to forging lasting and enriching partnerships in all areas of private commerce.

We want to work with businesses to deliver inspiring, fun and meaningful partnerships. We’re proud to be supported by some amazing companies who share our passion and help us in innovative and pioneering ways to assist our goal to provide support for men and drive much needed change in the way men receive care and support during the worst of times. Together, we can be a key component in the reduction of male suicide in the UK.

Whether you work for a leading brand or are a small business owner, a partnership with us will benefit your organisation and those we support.

Our UK wide mission will connect with employees and customers alike. We are calling on businesses who share our spirit to stand with us to help men when they most need it.

From as little as £100 per month, you can benefit from the exclusive access to the following benefits:

Packages are individually tailored to suit your requirements and funding, and whilst we acknowledge your donation is predominately to support our charity we can offer some of the benefits listed below.

  • Bi-annual specialist newsletters detailing what we are doing with your funding
  • The use of our Centurion Club logo on your website/emails
  • Opportunities to meet and engage with our beneficiaries and supporters
  • Early access to fundraising and specialist events
  • Opportunities to engage your CSR Team


Choose your monthly donation amount:

£100 £200 £300 £400 £500 £750 £1,000

Or donate quarterly:

£400 £500 £600 £700


£600 £700 £800 £1,000


£1,200 £1,400 £1,600 £2,000

Talk to us first

For more details or information please email hello@strongmen.org.uk