Your Fundraising

Tell us all about your amazing fundraising events for StrongMen and download our fundraising pack!

Your Fundraising

We really appreciate how much effort people put in to help raise funds for StrongMen. If you tell us about your event below, we will add a link to your sponsorship site to help boost donations!

Below is your Fundraising pack, which contains a StrongMen sponsorship form, and A4 poster to print out:

Fundraising Pack:

StrongMen Sponsorship form

StrongMen A4 Poster


Good luck - and thanks!

fundraising pack


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Just Giving

We have a Just Giving page which you can use for your events.

Visit our Just Giving page

Visit our Crowdfunder page, which operates with 0% fees

Visit our Crowdfunder page

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

A – Afternoon tea
Put the kettle on and get baking. Entertain guests with raffles, auctions, tombolas and music.

B – Baked bean bath
Get sponsored to spend the day in a bath of baked beans.

C – Car wash
Wash cars at shopping centres or office car parks or in your local street.

D – Dinner party
Host a dinner party and charge your friends.

E – Easter egg hunt
Get your whole community to take part.

F – Football tournament
Schedule fixtures and charge teams to enter. Ask local businesses for prizes.

G – Garden party
Perfect for the summer months. Sell tickets or invite guests to make a donation.

H – Head shave
Sick of bad hair days? Go bald for StrongMen. Be like Dan.

I – Irish night
It doesn’t have to be St Patrick’s Day to celebrate the Irish culture. Throw a party, and if you have the skills charge a fee for Irish dance lessons.

J – James Bond party
A James Bond night can offer a lot more than movie watching. Get ready to make Martinis.

K – Karaoke night
Ask your local pub if you can organise a night of loud and out-of-tune singing.

L – Legacy giving
Include a legacy to StrongMen in your will.

M – Marathon run
Always fancied taking on that big running challenge? Get yourself signed up for a marathon and start training!

N – Name the teddy
Get a cute cuddly toy and ask people to pay to pick the name. The winner keeps the teddy.

O – Office fundraising
Fundraising activities for the office could include bake sales, office Olympics, dress down day or perhaps take breakfast orders and set-up your own tea trolley.

P – Payroll giving
Set up a monthly donation from your pay packet.

Q – Quiz night
Organise a quiz night at home or at your local pub.

R – Raffle
Ask local businesses for great prizes and raffle them off.

S – Sweepstake
Formula One, Horse racing, Tour de France, or even ‘How many sweets in the jar?’ and people pay to give an answer. Whoever has the winning answer gets a prize and you donate the money raised.

T – Three Peaks challenge
Complete the iconic UK challenge with friends or family.

U – Uniform free day
Organise a non-uniform day at school or at work.

V – Variety show
From magic to music, gather up all the local talent for a great night of entertainment.

W – Walks
Set up a distance challenge in a beautiful location and get sponsored to complete it.

X – X-Factor competition
Fancy yourself as the next One Direction or Olly Murs? All you need is four judges and a venue.

Y – Yoga marathon
Know your tree pose from your downward dog? Contact your local gym to set up a fundraising day.

Z – Zumbathon
Organise a mass Zumba challenge to raise sponsorship and have fun.

Make a regular donation

Making a regular donation to StrongMen is an easy fuss free way of giving to help others going through the worst of times.
To make a regular donation by direct debit, please email and one of our team will be in touch to set this up with you.
If you are a PayPal user, you can also set a regular donation via their platform.

Leave a gift in your will

Quote: “By leaving a gift in your will to StrongMen, you will be directly supporting those you leave behind, giving them greater opportunity to access the support that is proven to help men deal with the mental and emotional struggles they face”

To bequeath a charitable gift to StrongMen in your Will, you will need to provide you solicitor or Will maker with the following information:

Registered charity number in England and Wales: 1184242
Registered address: Amelia House, Crescent Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1RL

What different types of gift can I leave?
• A specific gift is a possession or item such as jewellery, property or shares.
• A pecuniary gift is a financial donation of a fixed amount. However, because of inflation, these are liable to depreciate during the course of your lifetime. That’s why some people may prefer to leave a residuary gift.
• A residuary gift is all or part/percentage of what is left of your estate once your other wishes have been carried out.

How will StrongMen use my gift?
The team behind StrongMen are dedicated and fully committed to developing a charity that helps thousands of people per year. We would kindly ask that you please consider an unrestricted gift towards our charitable work. This will mean that we can make sure your legacy is used most effectively, spending it wherever the need is greatest at the time.

Will this impact inheritance tax?
In most cases, your gift to StrongMen will be exempt from inheritance tax. Your solicitor or Will maker should explain how to make your Will as tax efficient as possible. It is possible to reduce the rate of inheritance tax for people who leave at least 10% of their estate to charity. This can be explained in greater detail by a solicitor.

Should I tell StrongMen about the gift in my Will?
We’d love to hear from you if you want to share your amazing arrangement but completely understand if you wish for it to remain private. Sharing your story with us can help us to inspire many more people to do the same.
Finally, know that the gift in your Will, is going to help someone that so desperately needs it and we are immensely grateful. Thank you.

Corporate partnership

Help us to rebuild the lives of bereaved men and their families throughout the UK StrongMen are dedicated to forging lasting and enriching partnerships in all areas of private commerce. We believe that a collaboration with StrongMen will be a fantastic boost to your corporate image and help us support even more people who need it. We will work with all our corporate partners, to develop a fundraising strategy that works for your business.  Here are just a few ways we can work together:

  • Employee fundraising
  • Charity of the year
  • Delivering resiliency talks in the workplace
  • Sponsorship
  • Automatic salary sacrifice giving
  • Events
  • Volunteering
  • Creative PR

To find out more or to arrange for us to visit you, please contact our team:

Fundraising in Schools

It is part of the StrongMen mission that we promote the benefits of men seeking help for their mental and emotional health by not being afraid or ashamed to speak out and admit they need some support. It is vital that this message is promoted in schools as part of a child’s education.

Men are still reluctant to open up even in modern society with all the campaigns promoting the need to talk. It may take a generation or two to change this mind set but StrongMen will do all we can to make this happen. It all starts with the kids!

The support of your school is vital to the ongoing development of StrongMen and our services. There are so many fun things your school can do to raise much needed funds for Strongmen. Both Dan & Efrem, StrongMen co-founders are available to host an informative presentation or interactive workshop to your pupils in return for a committed fundraising day at your school.

Here are some seriously fun ways you can support StrongMen:

Dress down day
Always a firm favourite - what’s not to like about not having to wear school uniform for the day? You could ask each pupil for a suggested donation of £1 per pupil for taking part.

Bake Off competition and sale!
The great British Bake Off at your school, need I say more! – whether you like baking cakes or just eating them! Encourage your fellow pupils to donate some cakes or tray bakes to sell.

What parent, grandparent doesn’t love an evening out watching their children sing, dance and act their hearts out on stage at the local school? Whether it’s a Christmas production or something more ambitious like your own version of hit musicals such as Grease, Glee and High School Musical or even a modern version of a Shakespear classic. This is a great way to raise funds, educate and have fun all in one!

Sponsored Walk/Event
Walking is one of the tools StrongMen promote to increase our physical health so a school walk fits in beautifully with that ethos. If you are feeling really daring, how about attempting to break a world record as a school? Now there’s a thought.

Sports day/Sports match
As the warmer months come in, why not organise a charity sports event or sports day? Teachers against pupils always generates a lot of interest. You can sell refreshments, create a program for local businesses to advertise and learn how to market an event. On the face of it, this is just a sports event, but its yet another way to incorporate education and skills into creating, planning and delivering an event and everything that goes with it.

Have your own ideas?

Tell us what you plan on doing and we may be able to advise or help you in some way!
Let us know what you are up to by emailing