I Remember

Helping you remember lost loved one’s on those occasions when you miss them the most.

It is important that we share with you the reason and purpose behind our new I Remember badges.

Everyone that has lost someone close to them, be that partner, sibling, child, parent, friend or colleague, knows how difficult certain dates and times can be. Rather than making ourselves busy and almost ignoring those feelings, I Remember is designed to help provide a positive platform to mourn, celebrate and most importantly remember them.

As these badges become better known we hope that people may ask you why you are wearing the badge and who it represents, allowing you to celebrate them and keep their memory alive if you wish, and whilst a badge is only a small physical item, hopefully it represents something much greater to you.

Whilst we remember them every day, some days you just need that physical bond next to your heart.

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We hope that you can share those memories with us by tagging us using our #iRemember #wearyourheartonyoursleeve #strongmenorguk