Man2Man Extra Time

Bereavement Counselling


Men who contact StrongMen for support will be triaged, based on their completed application form.

Following this our Operations Manager will arrange an assessment call to evaluate further and discuss the most suitable course of action. Please be aware, Man2Man Extra Time support is offered based on our evaluation process, we reserve the right to provide alternative support or signposting if we believe this service is not suitable.

We work with a small team of qualified counsellors with experience in bereavement, allowing them to provide empathetic support based upon the professional and personal experiences.


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Man2Man Extra Time

What is the difference between Peer Support and Counselling?

Typically, Peer Support is delivered with empathy based on shared experiences.

Counselling is delivered based on professional experience using clinical expertise and evidence-based intervention.

Counselling offers an opportunity to talk with someone trained to listen in a confidential, safe space.

Counselling is a supportive process which helps you to explore feelings and thoughts about difficult situations or experiences.

Counselling offers a non-judgemental supportive environment.

A counsellor will not give you advice, but will help you understand your situation more clearly, encouraging you to find the most appropriate course of action for you.


What we offer:

Our service offers beneficiaries access to up to 12 sessions of free counselling. These are delivered online via video call/Zoom.



To access the service:

  • You must have suffered a bereavement and be contacting us for support for this
  • You must be living in the UK
  • You must not be accessing any other professional counselling support at the time. This is because accessing two or more forms of therapy at the same time can be counter productive.

If you would like to register for support from the Man2Man Extra Time service, please complete the Registration form here, and one of our team will be in touch.


  • "Apart from addressing the immediate loss of my Son and Brother, my counsellor was able to investigate the past and losing my mother when I was 10 years old.

    This insight proved the key to not only resolving my immediate grief, but also in unlocking the deep-seated issues from this traumatic event which had lain dormant for so long.

    The immense improvement in my general wellbeing and demeanour is palpable, with my wife confirming the massive positive change in my general outlook."

    - GB

  • "My counsellor was absolutely fantastic and really helped me a lot.

    They knew how to get all the right information out of me and helps me with stuff that I didn't even realise was inside. It started as just about my sister's death, but she has helped me with everything that has come up and all the stuff that is buried deep inside."

    - AB

  • "The counselling/therapy I have received through StrongMen's extra time support service has really helped me manage and transition through yet another difficult and dark period of my life. Not really sure where I'd be, had I not been signposted to the support.

    I feel stronger and more resilient and feel like I have some control back over my life and more tools to deal with the inevitable difficulties that will continue to come. StrongMen has been such a huge part of my journey and particularly my recovery. I can't thank the charity enough for what they do to support men like me.

    The Extra Time service has been a lifeline for me when I really needed it. Thanks so much to those who help others especially in their hardest moments."

    - AC

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