"The feedback we had was staggering. So much positivity and support.... People genuinely feeling like their lives have been changed by the talk"

From Channel 4's SAS Who Dares Wins to his recovery from physical and mental health challenges, CEO & Co-Founder Efrem Brynin provides candid insights into his own experiences dealing with unexpected and tragic loss and everything that followed.

Our talks are anything but generic, everything is real life and told through the benefit of our own experiences. Read their bio's via the link below:

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The "Wear your heart on your sleeve" talk

Motivational talk around mental and physical health resilience. Efrem shares his real life experiences and how tragic bereavement lead him to a potential fatal illness and  extreme mental health challenges. This brutally honest story of recovery is both remarkable and inspiring in equal measure.

The underlying theme that channels through the talk is how the body and the mind are intrinsically linked and one cannot function properly without the other. The talk leaves the audience in awe over Efrem’s battles to overcome as well as inspired to push themselves a little more in their daily lives to take care of themselves and others.

As the stories unfold, the talk naturally evolves into talking about the charity "StrongMen".

This gripping session lasts approximately 1 hour with Q&A afterwards lasting around 20 minutes.

Since becoming a registered UK charity, StrongMen have delivered talks and drop in sessions, as part of staff well-being initiatives into a host of well-known establishments with staff well-being high on the list of those companies priorities. Clients such as Alpine F1, Overbury Construction, McLaren Construction, HMP Prison Service, Police Major Crimes Unit, Anord Mardix, The Bromsgrove Housing Trust, Edge Hill University, CenturyLink and numerous NHS trusts.

On every occasion the feedback has been overwhelming and has lead directly to a partnership between many of the organisations and StrongMen.

If you would like more information or to book one, all, or a combination of these services, please contact for a quotation.

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"We welcomed StrongMen to deliver their talk back in July, it clearly struck a chord with many employees at Alpine F1. Read more...

Showing amazing resilience in the face of true adversity was an inspiration to all who attended. It highlighted directly to us all that it's ok not to be ok and since the talk Strongmen has directly helped some employees. It has been our pleasure as a team to host 2 events for Strongmen and we look forward to future visits of groups next year."

— Alpine F1

"The team from StrongMen joined us on International Men’s Day and hosted a fantastic session in person and throughout our EMEA base via Skype. Read more...

Having run plenty of events like this before, we were amazed at the response we had from our employees. Something in the StrongMen message seemed to resonate and we had the biggest attendance of the year by far.

Dan and Efrem shared their stories and personal experiences openly and honestly and although tough listening at times, their message was clear; that it’s OK not to be OK and to speak up and get help is a real sign of strength.

They answered questions, listened to other people’s stories who wanted to share and above all gave a real message of hope throughout their talk. Both Dan and Efrem stayed after the session to talk to anyone that wanted to stay a little longer, which was a nice touch and felt exceptionally personal.

The feedback we had after the session was staggering. So much positivity and support for the charity, plus people genuinely feeling like their lives had been changed by listening to the talk. Dealing with Dan and Efrem was very smooth – all emails were responded to quickly, all requests dealt with and the overall experience from start to finish was absolutely superb.

We’d happily welcome the StrongMen team back with open arms – they were great to deal with, gave a great talk and left behind a feeling of positivity and resilience with their audience."

— CenturyLink

"On the 18th September 2019 we were extremely fortunate to welcome the Strongman team to HMP Long Lartin to deliver a presentation to our staff regarding bereavement and promoting the links between physical wellbeing and mental health. Read more...

The talk was really well received, with over 50 members of staff attending and the feedback from those staff exceptional.

Efrem and Dan were engaging throughout and their talk really focused on a subject that can be difficult to talk about, this was particularly useful in the prison setting where there has for a number of years been a stigma around talking about emotions.

We are extremely grateful to them for coming to talk to us and hope to work with them again in the future."

— HMP Prison