The Weekender Retreat seeks to quickly develop long lasting brotherhoods unique to each group, building on the shared experience of the weekend.

The StrongMen ‘Weekender Retreat’ is our unique premier service, where groups of men have the opportunity to relax and enjoy beautiful remote surroundings whilst engaging in conversation and physical activities in a safe, secure environment with other men with shared experiences.

Although meeting as complete strangers, the opportunity to meet other men with similar experiences who truly understand and empathise helps create unique friendships built on complete trust and that shared experience.

The great outdoors provides the ultimate platform to engage with each other. By reconnecting with the outdoors and participating in a variety of physical activities, we aim to create a sense of achievement and purpose.

No two events are the same, however, we always create the opportunity to relax and talk, often it’s the first time experiences are shared and that in itself relieves so much emotional pressure and turmoil. That opportunity to talk, coupled with physical activities and exercise are the very ethos of StrongMen.

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It is with personal experience of grief and the subsequent mental, emotional and physical challenges that the team behind StrongMen have developed this unique event.

Grief not only affects the individual, it also impacts those around you. When you return from the Weekender Retreat as a stronger more positive person, that benefits you, your family, friends, colleagues and the community.

Dan and Efrem

“I enjoyed the full 2 days and all activities included. It has been the best 2 days without my wife and daughter for years. I was sad to see the end of the 2 days, but I was buzzing and beaming with a big smile, when I returned home to my loved ones.”

Zip line

“The weekend has been a life changing event and will help me stay on a positive path for the future and learn to manage my emotional well-being, Thank you to everyone who made the event happen!!!!”

The gang


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